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MHzMegahertz (million Hertz)
mHzMilliHertz (one thousandth of a Hertz)
MHZMushroom Hill Zone (video game)
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75 MHz of spectrum will be auctioned by India in the 800 MHz band in all service areas, 177.
Simultaneously, DoT has also allotted 900 MHz to Airtel, Vodafone and Idea, who had bid for these airwaves.
Table 6: APT 700 MHz plan - adoption in Asia-Pacific 12
The 700 MHz band corresponds to the first Digital Dividend in the USA and in Asia-Pacific, whereas it could become the second Digital Dividend in the EMEA region.
To solve this dilemma, Axxon has created a "Universal PCI-X 133 MHz Multi-Port 2S1P I/O Card" which enables users to add 2 (Dual) serial + 1 (Single) parallel ports to these types of motherboards without concern of the PCI-X bus speed.
The current Octane2 comes with either a single or dual MIPS R14000A 600 MHz or 550 MHz processor, both with 2 MB secondary cache.
ISA slots communicate with your CPU at 8 MHz and PCI slots communicate with your CPU at 33 MHz.
Cabinet also decided that intent to put 2100 MHz to simultaneous auction may be announced along with auction of other bands.
If the design goal is to have no resonances below 100 MHz to 200 MHz, then a smaller grid density must be used.
The RM7000C delivers a maximum production clock rate of 600 MHz and is also available at a rate of 533 MHz.
WASHINGTON -- In an Order issued January 8, 2007, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) determined that Public Safety licensees involved in the 800 MHz Band Reconfiguration Program may disclose or exchange with one another the terms of Frequency Reconfiguration Agreements (FRAs) or Planning Funding Agreements (PFAs) negotiated with Sprint Nextel Corporation.
Contract notice: Choosing a provider for the professional advisory services and access to software to implement complex electronic auction, which includes a number of articles and several rounds of allocation of radio frequencies in the 700 mhz, 1400 mhz, 1800 mhz, 2100 mhz, 2300 mhz, 3500 mhz and 3700 mhz frequency bands.