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MI2Mission Impossible 2 (movie)
MI2Monkey Island 2 (gaming)
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The refractive index increments of copolymers were calculated from the composition and dn/dc for MI1, MI2.
There were so many slow-motion hair tosses in MI2, you'd think it was a hairspray advertisement.
In MI2, otherwise known as Mission Impossible 2, Tom Cruise has to recover a stolen virus from a rogue IM agent, complicated by the fact he's recruited and fallen for the guy's former lover (Thandie Newton).
Construction of residential buildings with approximately 375 residential units with two day care centers and a cultural center in Munich Pasing Josef-field road, Bauquartiere WA and MI2.
Cruise, who produced MI2, was paid pounds 13million to star in the movie but will make most from his share of the profits.