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MI3Mission: Impossible 3 (movie)
MI3Monkey Island 3 (computer game)
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We can add the context C in the basic measures based on MI and MI3 measures (formulas (8) and (9)) presented in section 3.
In addition to conventional measures such as MI and MI3, we propose to use the Dice's coefficient applied to the IADef measure (formulas (17) and (18)).
Boca Raton is home to several major fiber-optic cable landing stations and MI3 is on the lowest latency route to Brazil, which will allow Equinix to serve high-bandwidth events such as the upcoming 2014 FIFA World Cup and 2016 Summer Olympics in Brazil.
All 340 isolates were typed by PCR fingerprinting by using the minisatellite-specific oligonucleotide MI3 as a single primer and RFLP analysis of the URA5 gene with the restriction enzymes Sau96I and HhaI in a double digest.
MI3 kept an eye on European activities and MI4 distributed maps and ran the library.
Productions that have used MESoft solutions include Lost, Alias, Grey's Anatomy, Hope & Faith, Knights of Prosperity, and MI3.
Klein has recently co-founded MI3 Capital, which is focused on investing in the resource sector, specifically those companies that are in or near production.
V: MXR; OTCBB: MXROF; Frankfurt: M1D) is pleased to announce that it has retained MI3 Communication Financiere Inc.
CONTACT: For further investor and media relations inquiries contact: MI3 Communications Financiers Inc.
CONTACT: For further investor and media relations inquiries contact: Media and Investor Relations, MI3 Communications Financiers Inc.
The new version is named Xiaomi Mi3S to maintain the trend set by Apple iPhone 5S.