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MI3Mission: Impossible 3 (movie)
MI3Monkey Island 3 (computer game)
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We can add the context C in the basic measures based on MI and MI3 measures (formulas (8) and (9)) presented in section 3.
MI3 ask Lara to get the orb back from the Chinese bandits who've stolen it.
The amplicons were cloned into pGEM-T (Promega), and sequencing was conducted with MI3 primers by Lark Technologies (Essex, U.
Scheduled to open in the fourth quarter of 2012, MI3 will provide 31,300 square feet of floor space, with additional space available for future expansion.
Parkburn, Glasgow Road, Burnbamk, Hamilton MI3 0QQ, South Lanarkshire, Scotland
The company said construction of the system is under way and is expected to be completed in 2017, terminating in the US at Equinix's MI3 International Business Exchange data center in the greater Miami metropolitan area.
Overall, the students plan to build up to four CubeSats named MI1, MI2, MI3 and MI4.
Electrodo selectivo Tension interfacial Tensiometro de Lecomte Du noiiy Heterotrofos mesofilos 9215-Piate count Tincion de Gram Kerr, 1981; Gerhardt, 1981 * APHA (1998) TABLA III MACRO--Y MICROMORFOLOGIA DE LAS CEPAS BACTERIANAS Cepa Macromorfologia Micromorfologia MI3 Borde entero, blanca, circular, Cocos Gram +, convexa y lisa.
It has not yet been revealed what the plot for MI3 will be.
All 340 isolates were typed by PCR fingerprinting by using the minisatellite-specific oligonucleotide MI3 as a single primer and RFLP analysis of the URA5 gene with the restriction enzymes Sau96I and HhaI in a double digest.