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MI5Directorate of Military Intelligence, Section 5 (UK)
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A source told the Mail on Sunday: "Paul remains very close to MI5, because one of his main jobs is tackling the Russian threat - Moscow agents seeking evidence of weaknesses such as money, sex or alcohol and targeting those MPs by blackmail.
BOBBY WATERHOUSE Paul Ritter is the arrogant head of counter espionage at MI5.
A judge this month refused to strike out the claim at the request of MI5, which said it would neither confirm nor deny the allegations, in line with procedure.
After they were sent back to the UK, they were interviewed by MI5 officers who, they say, falsely accused them of links to Islamic extremism.
Adebolajo was arrested in 2010 while in Kenya and passed on to MI5 - but no further action was taken.
When they asked English teacher John Atkinson what real spies were like, he told them to write to MI5, never expecting a reply.
But along with the letter Mr Parker sent each pupil an official ballpoint in MI5 turquoise.
MI5 is keen to have the new foreign language experts in post before next year's Olympics, which will represent one of the biggest security operations the service has ever undertaken.
James Eadie QC, representing the Security Service, argued against the bereaved families' calls for the coroner to use her "Rule 43" powers to make recommendations to MI5 to prevent deaths in the future.
The inquest has heard how MI5 missed an opportunity to identify Khan when they failed to show Babar, their key informant, a photograph of the July 7 bomber.
But MI5 did not use this photograph of Khan and provided only a very badly-cropped image of Tanweer to US investigators interrogating al Qaida supergrass Mohammed Junaid Babar.
But while Mankowitz helped to establish Bond as the world's most famous fictional spy, papers released by the National Archives in Kew, west London, show that for more than a decade his activities were monitored by MI5 amid concerns that he was a real life secret agent.