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MIAAMichigan Intercollegiate Athletic Association
MIAAMid-America Intercollegiate Athletics Association (formerly the Missouri Intercollegiate Athletic Association)
MIAAMassachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association
MIAAManila International Airport Authority (Manila, Philippines)
MIAAMortgage Industry Association of Australia
MIAAMeetings Industry Association of Australia
MIAAMaryland Interscholastic Athletic Association
MIAAMedical Industry Association of Australia
MIAAMissouri Intercollegiate Athletic Association (now Mid-America Intercollegiate Athletics Association)
MIAAMiniatures Industry Association of America
MIAAMajor Impact to All Army
MIAAMember of the International Actuarial Association
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The MIAA program evolved from concept into a successful SAA hardware demonstration," said Paul Schaeffer, Air Force program manager for Air Borne Sense and Avoid.
Pimentel criticised the continued refusal by the MIAA to lift its order to airline companies and travel agencies despite legal issues surrounding its issuance.
In its letter to the POEA, MIAA General Manager Jose Angel Honrado said: "It was noted that some airlines have declared that it is impossible to interface their system with an external system while most cited technical complexity and the huge cost to be incurred which can only be estimated once the complete documentation of changes has been prepared.
The MIAA judges have recognised the ongoing transformation of Jaguar - we are enjoying record sales growth around the world.
At the start of the season the MIAA and football officials took comprehensive measures to ensure that everyone understood this rule.
Likewise, she said, the DOLE has already expressed its willingness to share with the MIAA the POEA's database of OFWs for purposes of verification.
Officials of MIAA admit that the policy has an effect on overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) whose tickets were purchased online or abroad.
At the time, MIAA officials said scheduling conflicts have existed for years, without any complaints before.
Veolia will therefore work closely with the MIAA to deliver better waste and recycling services for marinas.
The MIAA Football Tournament playoff game between Bishop Feehan H.
On February 1 the MIAA started implementing its so-called Integrated Passenger Service Charge, a restructured schedule of fees imposed on all passengers flying out of any of the three terminals of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport.
I would like to thank the Telegram & Gazette for the great coverage of the recently completed MIAA Central Massachusetts and state tennis tournament.