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Bekal bathin dalam perdjoeangan" [Mental provision during times of struggle] Soeara MIAI, 1 March 1943.
The commander was very aware that the tankers were in good physical condition for fighting with MIAI tanks, but they were not prepared for the kind of mission assigned.
weapons, like the MIAI tank, would open the possibility of an Egyptian attack out of Sinai.
The MI (1940) was produced with an MIV outlet valve, and the MIAI (1941) was produced with an MV outlet valve.
The professional sniper can also be overmatched with direct-fire systems, such as the Bradley or the MIAI tank with its thermal imager and precision 120mm gun, both of which are invulnerable to sniper fire.
soldiers are hauling more than 100 depleted uranium-armed and plated MIAI Abrams main battle tanks into Bosnia, where it is unclear whether the government has been told of the environmental hazards posed by the use of those weapons.
Without proper lube, the race ring on your MIAI or MlA2 tank will quickly come to a grinding halt.
Eye-Safe Laser Rangefinder: Evaluate range performance, beam divergence, output energy, and other critical performance parameters of an eye-safe laser used to locate distant targets for the Marine Corps MIAI main battle tank.
After setting the years between 1926 to 1936 as the formative period, the author then recognizes a continuous period of rising political consciousness from 1936 to 1952, during which grand alliances of Islamic organizations, MIAI, MASJUMI, and the Masjumi Party, were successively formed having NU as their important component.
Does this mean that the Army expects the Stryker-equipped IBCT to be able to go toe-to-toe with enemy armored formations, much as the 70-ton MIAI Abrams main battle tank has with distinction?