MIALMumbai International Airport Ltd. (India)
MIALMaine Image Analysis Laboratory (University of Maine; Orono, ME)
MIALMississippi Institute of Arts and Letters (Jackson, MS)
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The Narendra Modi government has put on hold privatisation of six major airports keeping in mind the Comptroller and Auditor General of India's ( CAG) criticism of the United Progressive Alliance government for having offered a ' sweetened' deal to private operators DIAL and MIAL for the Delhi and Mumbai airports respectively.
The DGCA had also directed MIAL to carry out videography of operations on every Tuesday during runway operations.
Ao From the HR point of view the pressing and time bound issue is the amicable rehabilitation of the repatriating staff form DIAL & MIAL i.
In the newspaper report, published on July 10, this correspondent argues that with increased check-in counters, MIAL should be reducing rentals.
DIAL and MIAL are also required to follow competitive bidding process in the field of public works concessions and for every contract whose value exceeds Rs.
Called Operation Vijay and held between 10am and 1pm, the drill involved all response departments of GVK MIAL operations to assess and evaluate the preparedness of MIAL and its stakeholders at CSIA in handling an emergency situation.
Wipro will be responsible for providing Managed Services across the entire IT landscape at MIAL and deliver high availability and operational efficiency across all the critical airport processes.
Referring to the reasons for not mentioning the name of I, the Minister said that the Operation, Management and Development Agreement (OMDA), entered into by I with DIAL and MIAL separately, provides for the "name" of the airport.
The MIAL is a joint venture between the GVK-led consortium, and the Airports Authority of India, which has been given the mandate of managing and modernising Mumbai airport.
A MIAL spokesman stated, Specific tests for gutter flushing, manholes, drain channels, departure bay expansion joints, skylights and underground pipes have been undertaken.
DIAL and MIAL, which collect ADF from passengers flying in and out from these airports, will face a financial gap of ` 4,200 crore and ` 1,175 crore, respectively, after the fee is abolished.