MIAMMusée International des Arts Modestes (French: International Museum of Modest Art)
MIAMMon Invitation a Manger (French: My Invitation to Eat; TV show)
MIAMMalaria Institute At Macha (Macha, Zambia)
MIAMMathématiques Internet Aix Marseille (French mathematics education program)
MIAMMcGill Institute for Advanced Materials (McGill University; Montreal, Quebec, Canada)
MIAMMultispectral Imaging Autofluorescence Microscopy
MIAMMUX in A Minute
MIAMModified Independent-Atom Model
MIAMMember of the Institute of Asset Management
MIAMMember of the Institute of Advanced Motorists (UK)
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Court statistics support mediation's success; of 300 cases in a court study, 19 per cent had attended a MIAM, 41 per cent hadn't, showing fewer cases go to court when people are aware of mediation.
Consequently, all direct communication had broken down and we undertook individual MIAMs with the couple, which in turn lead to an immediate joint, first mediation session.
The purpose of the MIAM is for parties to be able to explain their position to an independent mediator and to be informed about how mediation can work, and the alternatives to court, with all the safety checks that are currently in place.
Will the courts be robust and prevent proceedings continuing until a MIAM has been attended?
It remains to be seen whether the MIAM scheme will lead to more parties resolving their affairs outside of court thereby controlling costs, dictating the speed at which the process moves, achieving flexibility of outcome in more complicated matters, retaining dignity in exiting the marriage and, who knows, perhaps even achieving the most valuable thing of all, which is an ongoing relationship with your spouse, if only for the benefit of any children.
Since April 6, 2011, it has been directed that, before certain applications can be issued in the family courts, parties should attend a MIAM (mediation information assessment meeting) appointment.
MIAM can be easily deployed and does not require any changes to the current data protection solutions in the customer's environment, while being able to use existing storage resources to create the MIAM archive repository.
The Boston Company Asset Management, a MIAM business unit, manages more than $50 billion in assets for over 400 clients worldwide.
A name of big repute across the UK mediation scene, MIAMS is a FMA approved family mediation firm.
We are happy to announce that recently we have launched our new MIAMS website online with state of the art design to ensure a great browsing experience for our potential clients.
The new MIAMS sites features a pleasant soothing portal with separate sections for locations, fees, contact and other useful data regarding family mediation and MIAMS support.
The firm manager guaranteed an utmost professional, unbiased and sensitive MIAMS Family Mediation in Birmingham and other UK locations.