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MIAMIMoney Is A Major Issue (music CD)
MIAMIMetoprolol in Acute Myocardial Infarction
MIAMIMarrow Isolated Adult Multilineage Inducible (biology; cells)
MIAMIMicrowave Ice Accretion Measurement Instrument
MIAMIModem-Based Internet for Amiga (TCP/IP implementation for Amiga)
MIAMIMafia Is After Me! I... :-)
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We have been able to negotiate things for the Miami airport that don't exist anywhere else.
In contrast, the staff at the Miami Beach Center, where all of the Hispanic clients were interviewed, were composed entirely of Spanish-speaking, Hispanic caseworkers.
Maybe at receiver, where Miami arrived with Andre Johnson and some other fellows who can run the deep route, guys Nebraska couldn't cover with a tarp, and a tight end named Jeremy Shockey who was open all night.
Miami features dozens of other attractions that the entire family will love, including the Miami Seaquarium, the Miami Museum of Science and the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, an Italian Renaissance-styled villa surrounded by 10 acres of formal gardens on Biscayne Bay.
That Miami has a foreign policy is the kind of detail that arouses Didion's curiosity--no other U.
Already, events like Art Basel Miami, Coconut Grove Arts Festival and the Miami International Film Festival demonstrate the area's international appeal to connoisseurs of the arts.
Miami walked into the Rose Bowl confronted by three-quarters of a stadium filled with Nebraska fans, but soon made it clear it owned the field.
Today, the City opens the "Miami Beach Loves You Back" media spa, outside the Miami Beach Convention Center.
Today, as the 34 countries move forward to create the largest economic bloc in the world, Miami is the logical choice to house the permanent FTAA Secretariat.
This will be the first meeting between the teams since 1978 when Kentucky beat Miami and Michigan State in the NCAA Tournament en route to a championship in St.
CMC is planning residences in downtown Miami where the Miami River merges with Biscayne Bay, plus a $100 million condominium high-rise building in Coconut Grove.
With 16 seconds left and Buffalo just 5 yards from scoring a game-tying touchdown, Miami veteran defensive end Trace Armstrong sacked Doug Flutie for a 3-yard loss that caused the quarterback to fumble, Buffalo's fifth and final turnover.