MIATCOMid-America International Agri-Trade Council
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Companies may receive an application on diskette or hard copy by contacting John McLaughlin, Minnesota Trade Office, 612/296-1339, or fax: 612/296-3555, or by calling MIATCO directly at 312/944-3030.
MIATCO works in cooperation with the Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) of the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) in various overseas markets to carry out its mission.
For example, MIATCO hosts Buyers' Missions, bringing importers and distributors to the US to meet one-on-one with prospective Mid Western suppliers.
MIATCO also sponsors product promotions in overseas markets and reimburses some international marketing efforts.
MIATCO and Midwestern food and agricultural companies deliver the goods with products that are high quality, innovative, and convenient.