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MIBManagement Information Base
MIBMen In Black (movie)
MIBMint In Box
MIBMaster of International Business
MIBMedical Information Bureau
MiBMebibyte (2^20 bytes)
MIBMishap Investigation Board
MIBMint In Bag
MibMebibit (2^20 Bits)
MIBMedical Insurance Bureau
MIBMotor Insurer's Bureau
MIBMilitary Intelligence Board
MIBMethyl Isoborneol
MIBMexican Investment Board
MIBMilano Indice Borsa (Milan, Italian Stock Exchange)
MIBMechanized Infantry Battalion
MIBMoscow Industrial Bank
MIBMolecular Imaging Branch
MIBMonitor Integrated Box (computer)
MIBManagement Incentive Bonus
MIBMechanized Infantry Brigade
MIBMore Important Bits (communications channel)
MIBManagement Information Byte
MIBMicrobiologie Industrielle et Biotechnologies (French: Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology)
MIBMotorized Infantry Brigade
MIBMany International Businesses
MIBMilitary Integration Bench (aerospace)
MIBMulti-Layer Interconnection Board
MIBMain Interconnect Board
MIBMaintenance Manual Intermediate With IPB (TMINS)
MIBMulti-Layer Insulation Blankets (protection against excessive heat)
MIBManufacture Information Block (computing)
MIBMy Internet Business
MIBMotor Inbound (oil and gas industry)
MIBMetals in Biology (conference)
MIBMaking It Big (clothing company; Cotati, CA)
MIBMedienvertrieb in Buchholz (German publisher)
MIBMalaysia, Indonesia, Brunei
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e-Services Corporation is the sales, marketing and product development division of the MIB Group, Inc.
Issuers feed about 90% of medically underwritten applications through MIB screening systems, according to MIB.
The number of claims the MIB receives from victims of such accidents has also almost halved, from about 38,000 in 2005 to just over 22,000 last year.
Only member companies have access to MIB information and then only after receiving written authorization from the proposed insured in the course of the application process.
The other initiatives highlighted by the MIB include the imposition of tougher penalties on uninsured drivers including larger fines and the crushing of uninsured vehicles; a greater use of automatic number plate recognition cameras to help police identify uninsured drivers; and new powers which will enable the MIB to pass on details of suspected uninsured drivers to police forces across the UK.
He will continue to be based at the Jesmond offices of MIB.
IN 1946, its first year, the MIB paid compensation totalling pounds 11,500.
The MIB Browser is also fully interactive in that once a MIB table has been retrieved the engineer can remotely update values such as changing interface descriptions or network configuration parameters.
A fundamental element of FibreAlliance membership is each company's commitment to adhere to the FibreAlliance specification and to implement the MIB, protocol enhancements, and APIs.
MIB says there are 2950 Mexican plastics processors, employing 116,000 workers.
The access to individuals' medical records provided by MIB begs a larger question posed by all abuses of medical records: is third party access to such private records a violation of individual civil rights?
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