MIB-IIManagement Information Base for Network Management of TCP/IP-Based Internets
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The IPivot SNMP agent supports the following information groups from MIB-II for monitoring broker system status and network processing statistics: System, Interfaces, IP, ICMP, TCP, UDP and SNMP.
In addition to QMS printers, QMS CrownAdmin 3 can manage any MIB-II compliant or SNMP-configured network device as well, giving administrators a single, easy-to-use method for complete printer supervision.
0 is $995, and ships with a base pack of element managers which include Sun Solaris Server, Windows NT Server, HP LaserJet 4si printer, Cisco FastHub 316, and a generic MIB-II element manager.
This management software kit includes: -- Web Based Management -- Royalty-free real-time OS (KepOS) -- SNMP Agent- RFC 1155-1157 -- TCP/IP Protocol Stack -- Spanning Tree Protocol -- Standard MIB-II and Bridge MIB -- Windows 95/NT setup application Additional software modules that support advanced GalNet-II features -- such as 802.
Through its support for MIB-II, the Host MIB (RFC 1514), and Empire's system MIB, the SystemEDGE agent provides TREND with detailed data about the host system and its applications.
LANRedi Hard Drive can be managed from any SNMP console on the network thanks to built-in support for SNMP V2 and MIB-II.