MIBBMinimally Invasive Breast Biopsy
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Because post-freshet growth at TC was found to have been inconsistent with the growth expected at the higher salinity site, subsequent ANOVA used log-transformed values for MSBB and MIBB of P.
There were no differences among strains for MSBB and MIBB (P > 0.
Closer examination of post-freshet dermo disease levels showed that log MSBB and log MIBB levels followed the salinity gradient and were distinctly different at all sites (P < 0.
The same pattern was evident in MSBB and MIBB infection intensity measures.
The partnership with WSU has been very beneficial for both parties," said Pam Lippitt, MIBB executive director.
If a new technology is deemed a good candidate for a business startup in Michigan, the analyst will work with faculty and MIBB to recruit possible business partners.
is also funding a paid intern to work with the MIBB.