MIBELMercado Iberico de Electricidad
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MIBEL will also reinforce capacities for interconnection between the networks in the two countries, which is set to increase by 1,100 MW in 2004-05 and later on by 1,500 MW.
However, in view of the introduction of natural gas supply in Portugal and the foreseen creation of MIBEL, the government has started to take steps to open up.
The details on the future of the sole Iberian power market MIBEL will be discussed at a summit in Figueira da Foz, western Portugal, on November 7, 2003, Tavares said
Under the agreement MIBEL was to begin operating on November 11, 2003.
Will the obvious rivalry between Endesa and Iberdrola and the advent of MIBEL - the single Iberian power market - lead to a strengthening of the trend towards fierce competition?
Although EdP has the Portuguese market firmly in its grip, once the Iberian MIBEL market has started there will be little choice for Portugal but to track Spanish price levels.
Proceed with the liberalisation in preparation for MIBEL Enhance competition, in particular in the fixed-line long- distance services * Continue privatisation Conciliate the privatisation process process with competition concerns V.