MIBIMethoxy-Isobutyl-Isonitrile (biochemistry)
MIBIMotor Insurers' Bureau of Ireland (Dublin, Ireland)
MIBIMultidimensional Inventory of Black Identity (racial identity assessment)
MIBIMaximum Inter-Blink Interval (eye research parameter)
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99m]Tc MIBI parathyroid scintigraphy has increased the sensitivity and specificity of radionuclide parathyroid imaging for detecting parathyroid adenomas to 91 and 98.
Ultrasonografi yapilan 144 hastada (%84,2) paratiroid patolojisi goruntulenebilirken, MIBI ile 97 hastada (%61,0), SPECT ile 95 hastada (%66,4) ve MR ile 57 hastada (%55,3) goruntulenebildi (Sekil 1).
Polly Mackey (centre), with group The Pleasure Principle, has been named a winner in the prestigious MIBI awards for young songwriters
In a patient whose pain has resolved: A rest thallium SPECT test is performed, and if questions arise, a stress MIBI gSPECT test follows, with results determining whether a patient will be admitted or can go home.
The MIBI requires victims of uninsured motorists to pay the first EUR444.
Direct relationship with the surgical procedure, resulting in massive influx of catecholamines in circulation and elevation of blood pressure; rapid stabilization of the clinical changes and ECG changes with adrenergic blockade; and normal perfusion MIBI scan favored the diagnosis of a catecholamine-induced myocardial damage.
Determinant role of Tc-99m MIBI SPECT in the localization of a retrotracheal parathyroid adenoma successfully treated by radioguided surgery.
LIPA founder Sir Paul McCartney said: "I like the experience MIBI gives and what it does for young songwriters who want to get their songs in front of a public audience.
This study reveals an important role for PET in patients for whom parathyroid adenoma is highly suspected but who have negative MIBI scans.
FDG positron emission tomographic, radioiodine, and MIBI imaging in a patient with poorly differentiated insular thyroid carcinoma.
Role of Tc99m MIBI spect in the Assessment of Treatment Response in Pharyngeal Carcinoma