MIBKMethyl Isobutyl Ketone
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MIBK was not used for production processes during this period.
Another report claimed that MIBK was unsafe because it could cause cancer.
1] for MIBK, butanol, and propanol, and the C-O stretching peak area at 1135 and 1066 [cm.
ExxonMobil Chemical offers paint formulators a range of products, including Exxate fluids, Glydexx esters, Exxsol D fluids and methyl ethyl ketone (MEK), which can replace MIBK, acetone, ethyl acetate and methyl acetate in automotive, industrial, maintenance, traffic and furniture coatings.
Products: MIBK, MIBC, DIBK, Dowanol PM, Dowanol PM Elec Grade, Dowanol DPM, Dowanol TPM, Dowanol PMA, Dowanol PMA Elec Grade, Dowanol DPMA
Reports are available for China with latest updates on market size, share, trends, analysis, competitive landscape, forecasts and much more for telecommunications equipment, wireless communication equipment and services, antifreeze and thawing agent markets, chlorine markets, bleaching agent, biotechnology products, penicillin, benzene, butanol, PMMA, MIBK, SBS, adipic acid, VCM and many other markets.
Products: 2-Ethylhexoic Acid, MIBK, MIBC, DIBK, DIBC, Isophorone, n-Butanol, Isobutanol, and 2-Ethylhexanol
It was diluted to 20, 10, and 5 weight percent solids with MIBK for this study.
Table 98: Capacity, Import and Export of MIBK in China:
Products: MIBK, MIBC, DIBK, DIBC, Isopropanol, Butyl Cellosolve[TM] Solvent, Butyl Carbitol[TM] Solvent, Butyl Cellosolve Acetate, Butyl Carbitol Acetate, Solvent GP, Carbitol Solvent, Methyl Carbitol, Methyl Carbitol Fuel Additive Grade, Butoxytriglycol, Butoxypolyglycol Basic, Ethoxytriglycol, Ethoxypolyglycol, Methoxypolyglycol, and Methoxytriglycol
Products: MIBK, MIBC, DIBK, DIBC, Isophorone, and Primary Amyl Alcohol