MICAPmission capable/mission capability (US DoD)
MICAPMission Impaired Capability Awaiting Parts
MICAPMichigan Interfaith Council on Alcohol Problems (Lansing, MI)
MICAPMission Impaired Cause Awaiting Parts
MICAPMission Incomplete, Awaiting Parts
MICAPManagement Incentive Cash Award Program (Gap, Inc.)
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A MICAP is defined as a customer's request to identify parts required at the base on the highest priority basis.
For instance, a calculated MICAP can be compared to previous MICAPs for the same company, an average MICAP for the industry (if possible and appropriate), and the company's historical cash-on-cash return on invested capital.
The insufficient demands result in MICAP back orders that most likely could have been avoided.
How to improve the attendant policies and processes such that MICAP hours are reduced and aircraft availability enhanced becomes the crucial question.
Recommend actions to decrease the number of cause code A and B MICAP conditions, and identify a relationship between MICAP and total not mission capable supply rates.
In fact, at the Ogden Air Logistics Center, a Lean team was established to attack the highest driver impacting the F-16 MICAP, the radar antenna.
Under this contract, Boeing will add material management, spares procurement, warehousing, heavy maintenance and engine maintenance to the tasks it had been doing -- logistics support, sustaining engineering, repair of repairables and MICAP support (mission critical spares and maintenance).
This new MASS capability also replaces the MICAP reports builder created by the Combat Air Forces Logistics Support Center.
Figures 7 to 9 compare supply performance for FY04 and FY05 COLT to non-COLT bases, and Figure 10 provides MICAP data for the COLT bases.
This was consistent with MICAP hours for the same stock number.
MICAP hours decreased by 62 percent at these bases 10 to 11 months before using COLT to 11 to 12 months after COLT started.
In September 2013, Aisino Corporation (Aisino) successfully won the bid of National Meteorological Center Torrential and Geological Disaster Prevention Weather Protection Engineering MICAPS System Upgrading Project relying on good reputation, extensive and professional experience in system integration.