MICAPSMarine Interactive Computer-Aided Provisioning System (US Navy/US Marine Corps)
MICAPSMine/Countermine Casualty Producing Simulator
MICAPSMission Incapable Supply
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MICAPS system is a core platform of all levels of business of China Meteorological Administration (CMA) and also basic software developed targeting various professional application service platforms and undertakes the important mission of supporting the forecasting and early warning business of CMA.
This requirement for rapid logistics support will continue to increase as the new century and a new space-focused mission unfold--one can only imagine filling MICAPS in a space environment?
SAO quantified the differences between using availability-based (for example, EXPRESS) and UMMIPS-based business rules for repair and distribution prioritization and found that customer support (as measured by available aircraft, MICAPS, and stockage effectiveness rate) was better when EXPRESS distribution and repair policies were used.