MICGMalaysian Institute of Corporate Governance (est. 1998)
MICGMoroccan Islamic Combatant Group
MICGMiddle and Inferior Cervical Ganglion Complex (neuroscience)
MICGMedical Imaging Computational Grid
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In order to inflate their management and incentive fees in 2007 and 2008, which were dependent on the value of the hedge fund's assets, MICG and Martinovich assigned unjustifiably high values to the assets, rather than relying on independent or legitimate valuations or valuation methods.
In mid-2007, MICG and Martinovich caused Venture Strategies to purchase about 1.
MICG and Martinovich distributed false and misleading account statements to Venture Strategies investors, and made material misrepresentations and omissions in the private placement memoranda through which they sold the Venture Strategies units.
Martinovich also failed to disclose to the customer that Venture Strategies needed the funds to pay incentive and/or management fees from which MICG and Martinovich would derive financial benefit.