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In 1844, the Gospel of Mark was translated by Native Evangelist Paul Osunkhirine for the Micmac of the Atlantic.
As there was no fog, Micmac was moving along at some 25 knots, but as she turned towards harbour a wisp of fog was sighted about four miles ahead.
The Micmac Indians share part of the Cascapedia River with the province of Quebec.
Maine's Passamaquoddy and Micmac nations also are interested in cannabis.
Particularly common are skeletal elements and osteoderms of the crocodyliform Protosuchus micmac, including the holotype (Sues et al.
7) As would the Cree, the Dene, the Mohawk, the Micmac, and most others.
Gaby Pelletier, in her 1977 catalog of Northeastern material in the collections of New Brunswick Museum, Micmac and Maliseet Decorative Traditions, illustrates a range of moosehair-decorated birchbark articles as being of probably Maliseet manufacture.
Religion, Public Policy, and the Education of Micmac Indians of Nova Scotia, 1605-1872.
10) M Olga McKenna, MicMac by Choice: Elsie Sark- An Island Legend (Halifax: Format, 1990).
Through the death of his daughter's cat and its mysterious resurrection, Louis begins to understand a dark secret about a Micmac Indian burial ground, the site of the town's "pet sematary.
As an educator, I was naturally drawn to part seven on decolonization, which contains three essays on Micmac literacy and assimilation (Marie Battiste), four centuries of church-run schooling (Suzanne Fournier and Ernie Crey), and examining culture theory (Verna St.