MICOMMicro Computer
MICOMMissile Command (US Army)
MICOMMiami Isopycnic Coordinate Ocean Model
MICOMMicrocomputer Club of Melbourne (Australia)
MICOMMilitary Intelligence Communications
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Although MICOM incurred damage to its headquarters site, city officials have deemed the building secure.
MICOM manufactures low-cost data/voice integration (DVI) products, Marathon, NetRunner and Sprinter.
According to industry analysts, MICOM is the leader in integrated networking products.
The clinic's focus on the welfare of children and their families parallels our own commitment to the youth of our city,'' said Barry Phelps, chairman and chief executive officer of MICOM.
With computer simulation technology, engineers at MICOM laboratories have performed thousands of simulated flights.
MICOM has placed high importance on using image generators to verify missile performance, Tonkin said, and has awarded follow-on tasks to develop interfaces for another Army missile.
Richard Ballagh, director of human resources at MICOM Communications Corp.
Ballagh says he has witnessed the benefits from this technology firsthand: MICOM uses its own Marathon data/voice network server products on leased lines to six offices.
The Micoms and Fibermuxins in turn spawned more firms, as did spending cutbacks at aerospace contractors such as Rockwell, Hughes and TRW.