MICPManila International Container Port
MICPMobile Intensive Care Paramedic
MICPManagement Incentive Compensation Plan
MICPMercury Injection Capillary Pressure
MICPMultipurpose Information Consumer Profile (healthcare)
MICPMethyl Isocyanate Pyridyl Piperazine
MICPMaine Irish Children's Program
MICPManager's Internal Control Program
MICPMicrobially Induced Calcite Precipitation
MICPMultipotent isl1+ Cardiovascular Progenitor Cell
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limestone MICP mercury injection capillary pressure, a
This MICP program is designed to train bilingual healthcare workers to interpret for Spanish-speaking patients and English-speaking doctors.
In its place, desktop MICP printing enables the manager to use an existing HP LaserJet III or other MICR-compatible printer to run checks for multiple properties--including logos and signatures--with just the touch of a button.
Powers, MS, BSN, RN, MICP, CEN Pleasant Hill, California
In addition, the VULCAN[TM] System can provide an integrated SoftEtch process module which can provide wafer pre cleaning capability to reduce and minimize interfacial layer before high-k and/or metal film depositions with a controlled environment utilizing advanced MICP (Multi-pole Inductively Coupled Plasma) technology.
Powers, MS, BSN, RN, MICP, CEN Assistant Manager, Emergency Department, Kaiser Permanente Pleasant Hill, California
The Company has not yet established performance targets under the MICP for 2009, even though last November management announced a new strategic plan.
The winners were chosen by industry experts and EMS Magazine Editorial Advisory Board Member Mike Smith, BS, MICP.
Micropoint's stock recently began trading under the symbol MICP.
The mean density, MacPs, MicPs and total porosities (mean [+ or -] sd; n = 5) are shown in Table 1.