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MICRMagnetic Ink Character Recognition
MICRMinimally Interrupted Cardiac Resuscitation
MICRMaximum Individual Cancer Risk (air quality management measure)
MICRMember of the Institute of Clinical Research (European professional academic institute)
MICRMateriel Change Information Report
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Assuring reliable bank check clearing and industry leading fraud protection, TROY offers MICR Toner Secure cartridges for use in both TROY MICR 3015 printers and HP LaserJet P3010 series printers.
RDM's MICR quality products are the only ones that meet or exceed the ANSI Accredited Standards Committee's standards for MICR and image testing.
RDM Corporation has provided support to companies printing or processing MICR documents since 1987 and have set the industry standard for MICR testing," said Douglas Newman, President and CEO of RDM Corporation.
The IBM Infoprint 1570 MICR 50 lets customers mix and match MICR printers and MICR -enabled multi-function printers, depending on check printing volumes and requirements.
Source Technologies is demonstrating our continued commitment to offer our customers the widest range of MICR laser printer solutions combining quality, value and performance at competitive prices," said Miles Busby, Source Technologies' President.
We have actually seen MICR performance that is better than the current laser technology," says Mike Bailey, Vice President of Engineering at Source Technologies.
We've fed over 2 million MICR test documents through check reader/sorters and conducted extensive tests on all of our MICR toner cartridges and many competing products," says Wally Burlingham, MICR product manager at Source Technologies.
The new Xerox midrange MICR printers provide a cost-effective, dual-purpose solution that bridges the gap between lower-speed, lower- volume desktop check printing and high-speed, high-volume production check printing," said Nina Smith, vice president/general manager, Xerox Mid Range Systems Printing.
The ST security features set their MICR printers apart from the competition.
Existing Ranger compatible applications will not require application changes to benefit from enhanced MICR read rates.