MICTORMatched Impedance Connector
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An on-board MICTOR connector supports connection to other popular debug probes, such as the Lauterbach TRACE32 and ARM DSTREAM (TM) probes.
5" 320x200 24bit color TFT LCD display with backlight and touch screen and a wide selection of peripherals including: a MP3 decoder DSP and VS1002D codec; a 3-axis digital accelerometer with 11 bit accuracy; a 64M SDRAM; USB host and USB device connector; IrDA transceiver; PS2 keyboard connector; 100 Mb/s Ethernet port; CAN driver and connector; RS-232 interface with ICSP control; SD/MMC card connector; JTAG connector; MICTOR trace connector; reset button; 2 user buttons; trimming potentiometer; UEXT connector; audio input and output; and RTC battery holder.