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MICUMedical Intensive Care Unit
MICUMobile Intensive Care Unit
MICUMontreal Island Citizens Union (Montreal, Quebec, Canada)
MICUMetabolic Intensive Care Unit
MICUMobile Incident Command Unit
MICUMultiplex Integrated Control Unit (automotive engineering)
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The selfless service rendered by MICU nurses is highly impressive.
We decided to compare survey results from the neuro-ICU to those from the MICU in particular (1) to assess whether differences in satisfaction exist among families of brain-injured patients versus critically ill patients without brain injury and (2) to explore whether variations in family satisfaction might arise between two ICUs with organizational structures that differ in important manners.
Seventy-seven patients were admitted to the MICU chronically ventilated with a tracheostomy in place.
His last 25 years as a nurse were at Vanderbilt where he was a MICU nurse.
Patients with a score of greater than 20 should be transferred to the MICU immediately, with the goal of reducing their score to less than 10 within the first 24 hours.
The propofol package insert states a range of infusion necessary for sedation of MICU patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or asthma of 17-75 [micro]g x [kg.
STAFF, PATIENTS SERVED: All patients admitted to the MICU.
Bowman lay in a MICU bed as a pure "pulmonary" case--and a disposition dilemma.
The CereTom is a portable eight slice CT scanner that can be used in the ICU, ER, OR, NICU, MICU, SICU, interventional suite, or any medical clinic.
The NSCU and MICU nurses reported a lack in confidence in utilizing the NIHSS and would defer to use the GCS despite the patient being awake and able to participate in performing the NIHSS.