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MICUMedical Intensive Care Unit
MICUMobile Intensive Care Unit
MICUMultiplex Integrated Control Unit (automotive engineering)
MICUMontreal Island Citizens Union (Montreal, Quebec, Canada)
MICUMetabolic Intensive Care Unit
MICUMobile Incident Command Unit
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Indoor case papers of the patients admitted in the MICU between 1st January 2016 and 28th February 2016 were studied.
Out of 123 patients over 16 years of age who fulfilled the criteria of MICU admission only 96 cases with complete information about APACHE II, SAPS II and SOFA scores in case record were finally enrolled for the study.
Motivated by her experiences with this patient population, the MICU nurse took her concerns about treatment of alcohol withdrawal to a MICU collaborative meeting and discovered others shared her concern.
Rates of illness severe enough to warrant MICU admission with the H3N2 clade 3C.
A retrospective observational study of chart review was performed at MICU of one medical center in Northern Taiwan with an approximately 1800-bed medical center.
The selfless service rendered by MICU nurses is highly impressive.
We decided to compare survey results from the neuro-ICU to those from the MICU in particular (1) to assess whether differences in satisfaction exist among families of brain-injured patients versus critically ill patients without brain injury and (2) to explore whether variations in family satisfaction might arise between two ICUs with organizational structures that differ in important manners.
Seventy-seven patients were admitted to the MICU chronically ventilated with a tracheostomy in place.
In an earlier study, we reported that copper surfaces, including bedrails, intravenous poles, overbed tables, chairs, computer monitor bezel, and call button or computer mouse, reduced the median environmental bioburden by more than 97% compared with noncopper surfaces, such as plastic, wood, stainless steel, and chrome, in MICU patient rooms," Dr.
We were dating and she worked in the MICU at the time I interviewed for my position with Rush.