MIDACMichigan Digital Automatic Computer
MIDACMicroprocessor Intelligent Data Acquisition & Control
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FTIR spectra of the dried resin in proton form mixed with potassium bromide, in the form of disks, were recorded on a MIDAC, M-Series FTIR instrument.
Whether the application is battlefield chemical warfare agent analysis, civilian hazardous event response, industrial stack, fenceline monitoring and analysis, or environmental research, the MIDAC AM System can provide continuous, unattended, near real-time detection at parts per billion to percent levels for hundreds of chemicals.
For more information call or write: MIDAC, 130 Mc-Cormick Ave #111, Costa Mesa, CA 92626.
Whether the application is battlefield chemical-warfare-agent analysis, civilian hazardous-event response, or industrial-stack or fence line monitoring and analysis, the MIDAC AM System can provide continuous, unattended, near real-time detection of hundreds of chemicals at levels ranging from percentages to parts per billion.
For more information, contact MIDAC by phone at (714) 546-4322 or by e-mail at info@midac.
Their presentations -- and their responses -- to MIDAC and FDA were informed and compelling.
The MIDAC recommendation provides our ACUSYST-XCELL(R) hollow fiber perfusion system with the distinction of being the first commercially available perfusion system and the first hollow fiber system to produce a monoclonal antibody product to be so recommended.
We appreciate the FDA's efforts that have facilitated the review of our application by MIDAC and we believe that all significant differences concerning data and image interpretation, between the Company and the FDA have been resolved," commented Dr.
There were sixteen voting members on the MIDAC panel.
17, 1995 the FDA's Oncologic Drugs Advisory Committee (ODAC) deferred a decision on the approvability of CEA-Scan(TM) for recurrent colorectal cancer imaging and recommended that the product may be more suited for review by MIDAC and select oncology consultants.