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MIDCABMinimally Invasive Direct Coronary Artery Bypass
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There were three noncardiac readmissions out of a total of 17 MIDCAB patients.
In conclusion, we found that cTnT (Elecsys) as well as cTnI (AxSYM) concentrations in plasma of patients after MIDCAB and OPCAB operations were undetectable in 20% of the cases studied and were only slightly increased in most other patients.
This study revealed that, epidural anesthesia had no impact on the degree of patient satisfaction after MIDCAB surgery, but yielded significantly shorter ICU and hospital stay periods, which may result in more efficient use of hospital resources.
S100B protein release, from astroglial and Schwann cells, is a sensitive marker of blood-brain-barrier permeability disturbance; CABG-CPB caused a 10-fold increase in serum S100B concentration over that observed during MIDCAB in a randomized study (12).
In addition to site training and proctoring, Tenet and CTS will sponsor an educational symposium for Tenet-affiliated physicians and work together to create a clinical patient registry database to track both short- and long-term results and document the cost-effectiveness of the MIDCAB approach.
Multivessel transabdominal MIDCAB, port access for totally endoscopic coronary bypass, mini-thoracotomy mitral valve repair and CABG, implantable pumps as destination therapy instead of just bridge-to-transplant and others are proving themselves both clinically and economically in the marketplace, according to Driscoll.
MIDCAB, also called beating-heart bypass surgery because no heart-lung machine is used, offers several advantages compared to standard cardiac bypass surgery, including a much smaller incision, a reduced risk of neurological complications and a shorter hospital stay.
Genzyme, through their cardiovascular business unit, has added OEC as a strategic partner due to the increasing surgeon demand for assessing graft patency interoperatively on new, beating heart procedures, such as MIDCAB, Endo CABG(TM), or OPCAB(TM).