MIDEXMedium-Class Explorer
MIDEXMilan Stock Exchange (index of the averagely capitalised shares)
MIDEXMid-Size Explorer (NASA)
MIDEXMillion Dollar Executive
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Data Set The table presents the Italian stocks belonging to the MIB30 and MIDEX indices during our sample period.
Extremely sensitive, the MIDEX benchtop system delivers highly accurate small spot measurement.
MIDEX and LFAS are key components of ChoicePoint's Identity Risk Management (IRM) solutions for the mortgage industry.
LexisNexis utilizes MIDEX submissions to develop representative statistics on a wide range of mortgage fraud and misrepresentation characteristics.
MIDEX and LFAS Pro are key components of the comprehensive LexisNexis(R) Identity Risk Management (IRM) solutions for the mortgage industry.
MARI is a servicemark and ChoicePoint, the ChoicePoint logo and MIDEX are registered trademarks of ChoicePoint Asset Company.
We feel a national database such as MIDEX is a great step toward helping the mortgage industry maintain its good reputation and remain a critical part of the American economy.
Professional Credentialing Verification: MIDEX can also help discover adverse activity, public disciplinary and other derogatory information about professional third parties.
NASA MIDEX Mission THEMIS provides answers to critical questions about the origin and phenomenology of solar and Earth magnetospheric interaction, the resultant electrical substorms, effects on space weather, disruptions in ground power grids, and communications.
MBA also endorses the MIDEX database, which records law enforcement and regulatory actions against fraudulent activity, as well as reports from mortgage lenders about specific alleged incidents.
MIDEX, one of three data bases developed by the Mortgage Asset Research Institute (MARI) of Reston, Virginia, contains nonpublic records of alleged fraud, material misrepresentation and serious misconduct, in addition to public records of various disciplinary hearings.