MIDHMouvement pour l'Instauration de la Démocratie en Haïti (French: Movement for the Installation of Democracy in Haiti)
MIDHMouvement Ivoirien pour les Droits Humains (French: Ivorian Movement for Human Rights; Côte d'Ivoire)
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Consolidated sales of MIDH products rose 74 percent to US$736 million, nine percent of the Company's overall sales.
As China's second-largest provider of smartphones and tablets, Lenovo's MIDH group continues to rapidly build its business.
Members of the press are invited to stop in to speak with Lenovo's product experts and to see the company's latest products across the Think, Idea and MIDH (Mobile Internet & Digital Home) lines.
Ahamed, Joint Secretary, MIDH, Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare and Mr.
Liu Jun brings extensive experience from the PC industry to the MIDH.
Government through the Spices Board provides assistance to the turmeric growers for installing turmeric polishers under the Mission for Integrated Development of Horticulture MIDH .
Applicability of MIDH cost norms for the interventions approved for implementation of PM's Package in J&K till financial year 2018-19.
One time relaxation in MIDH cost norms was approved for import of special varieties of plants for better survival, early flowering and enhanced fruiting apple planting materials and four wire trellies system which may increase the productivity 3-4 times.
Accordingly, 45 646 live births from 1995-2000 covered by DHS 2000 and 10 604 live births from 2005-2010 covered by MIDHS 2010 were investigated.