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MIDISMotor Insurance Database Information System (UK)
MIDISMulti-band Identification and Discrimination Imaging Spectroradiometer
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Pencil skirts have always been a staple of the working woman's wardrobe, but New Look's range of midi skirts puts a hot new spin on this classic style.
Sensors fabricated using Teledyne DALSA s MIDIS platform are already sampled or in production with alpha customers and the platform is now being made available to the general market.
Regardless of the intended audience, the book offers comprehensive, technical coverage of the MIDI protocol.
It will help build the acceptance of MIDI and other sound technologies.
It features both MIDI sequencing and notation capabilities that give the PC user the ability to record, edit, print, arrange and play along with MIDI music.
Sound Explorer contains limited edition versions of Midisoft Studio for Windows, Music Mentor with Recording Session, MIDI Kit with Recording Session, Sound Impression, World of Music Sampler, Multimedia Music Library and MusicMagic Songbook.
1 Windows environment, the product supports the most popular music and audio formats, including MIDI (musical instrument digital interface) for music files, Waveform for sound files, and can even play audio compact discs.