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MIDPMobile Information Device Profile (Sun Java APIs)
MIDPMotor Industry Development Programme (South African industrial policy)
MIDPMortgage Interest Differential Payment (displaced homeowners' subsidy)
MIDPMobile Information Device Protocol (Sun Wireless Java support)
MIDPMajor Item Distribution Plan
MIDPMissile Distribution Plan (US Army)
MIDPMicrowave Induced Delayed Phosphorescence
MIDPMonotonically Increasing Degradation Path
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He says the way the MIDP scheme lays out the future business environment gives companies a horizon to plan their business.
The Nokia Developer's Suite (NDS) for J2ME provides developers with utilities for creating and deploying MIDP 1.
A true all-rounder, the One Touch(TM) 756 will record videos with sound, download, send and receive videos by MMS, let you enjoy MP3 melodies and polyphonic ring tones and, thanks to Java(TM) MIDP 2.
Martin Copus, president of NeoMedia Mobile, said 85 more handset models have been made qode-ready in the past two weeks, all Java MIDP 2.
With the availability of Java technology, developers can use existing tools, skill sets, and in some cases code, to create new mobile solutions for palmOne products, as well as seamlessly deploy existing MIDP applications originally targeted at other devices with MIDP support.
OTC BB: NEOM), a leader in market-driven technologies, announced today that its flagship direct-to-mobile-web qode[R] technology is now available through a free download to run on eight Sony-Ericsson[R] mobile phones based on the popular JAVA MIDP 2.
By providing a comprehensive, highly-integrated J2ME software and hardware solution designed to speed their time to market, the Innovative Convergence platform will greatly accelerate adoption of the Java MIDP 2.
com/ ), a company founded by the developers of the first direct execution Java(TM) microprocessor, has created the world's first game development kit to bring Java MIDP technology to millions of Nintendo(R)'s Game Boy(R) Advance players.
TWUIK(TM) is a powerful cross-platform software technology for creating light-weight, rich applications and content for virtually any device and network using J2ME MIDP.
For example, the Java Device Test Suite supports the robust end-to-end security model defined by MIDP 2.
RoadSync is currently available for the following popular mobile platforms: Windows Mobile 2003, Symbian OS-based UIQ 2 and 3, S80, S60, Palm OS and Java MIDP 2.