MIDS-LVTMultifunctional Information Distribution System - Low Volume Terminal
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MIDS-LVT can also be used to coordinate actions in crisis areas around the world.
MIDS-LVT terminals provide secure, high capacity, jam resistant, digital data and voice communications for Navy, Marines Corps, Army, and foreign tactical aircraft, and also for shipboard and ground-based air control personnel.
The $24,629,000 follow-on contract awarded to Data Link Solutions calls for the delivery of MIDS-LVTs to the United States, Finland, Pakistan and Hungary.
MIDS-LVT is part of a tactical radio system (non-satellite) that collects data from many sources and displays an electronic overview of the battlefield using secure, high capacity, jam resistant, digital data and voice.
The repair and maintenance facility will continue to grow to an I-Level facility as MIDS-LVT, Small Tactical Terminals (STT), and JTRS radios become increasingly deployed.
Specifically, Pakistan has designated DLS as the MIDS-LVT terminal provider for its F-16 aircraft fleet.
This order reflects the government commitment to maintaining the long-term viability of the MIDS-LVT radios deployed worldwide, ensuring continued Link-16 data link capability for the warfighter many years into the future," said Dr.
Corresponding delivery order 0035 shall secure MIDS-LVT BU2 design and development on behalf of the United States.
MIDS JTRS provides an incremental path for migration to an SCA compliant architecture and adds three JTRS channels within the MIDS-LVT form factor while maintaining plug-and-play backward compatibility with the MIDS-LVT for Link 16 and TACAN capabilities.
BAE Systems won MIDS-LVT contract modification worth $48 million for systems engineering and integration work on of the terminals.
MIDS JTRS is a joint development of ViaSat and Data Link Solutions and provides a migration path from the MIDS-LVT to a certified, reprogrammable, software-defined radio architecture for tactical data links.
MIDS-LVT provides secure, high-capacity, jam-resistant digital data and voice communications capability for Navy, Air Force, and Army platforms.