MIDTMarketing Information Data Tapes
MIDTMonitoring of the Implementation of Digital Tachograph
MIDTMultiple-Indicator Dilution Technique
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With access to processed global MIDT data through the Data Services, Air China will have a clear view of total market demand and true market share in key international markets," said Mr.
Airlines utilizing MIDT data for market analysis have increased booking share on specific markets as much as 7% or more.
Additionally, for small to medium-size carriers seeking to extract valuable MIDT data, the LiteVision system provides an affordable alternative, implemented as an application service provider (ASP) offering available through the Sabre eMergo Web-enabled and dedicated network solutions.
Shepherd Systems' MarketMaster and MarketMaster LE(SM) allow airlines to analyze MIDT to better understand airline market dynamics and assist in critical network and sales planning decisions.
and European regulators, airlines of all sizes have access to, and are using, MIDT to make critical planning decisions that enable their survival and growth during these difficult economic conditions," said Mike Malik, president and CEO of Shepherd Systems.
Lanyon's initiative will make it more equitable for more airlines to use MIDT for market research and sales programs.
We are looking forward to using Transvision MIDT analysis system as a logical progression from our already extensive use of Sabre's Wisevision," said Alistair Rivers, Manager, Network Management Systems at Gulf Air.
Sabre Holdings Corporation (NYSE: TSG) today introduced Sabre(R) LiteVision(TM), an affordable and easy-to-use marketing information data tape (MIDT) processing system, and the industry's first system to offer regional reporting of MIDT data for small and medium-sized airlines -- those averaging less than 10 million passengers boarded per year.
In 1998, we successfully introduced many new business solutions such as Galileo Passport(TM), our Web-based reservation product; selective MIDT (marketing information data transfer); and GlobalService(SM), a suite of products to help airlines better serve their clients.
Since joining Galileo International in April 1997, Winterton spearheaded the re-launch of MIDT (Marketing Information Data Transfer), an invaluable source of information for airline customers, and was involved in the acquisition of S.
Shepherd Systems is a market leader in MIDT (marketing information data transfer) processing and analysis, and services 15 of the top 25 airlines in the world.