MIDUMutualista Israelita Del Uruguay (Spanish; Jewish medical institute in Uruguay)
MIDUMobile Impaired Driving Unit (Washington)
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It should be noted that the assessment of multiple roles in the present study is limited by the information that is available in the MIDUS data set.
The MIDUS survey was designed by an interdisciplinary team to study patterns and correlates of adult development in the United States with special emphasis on physical health, psychological well being, and social responsibility.
The NSDE attempted to recruit 1,242 respondents from the MIDUS RDD pool and was able to recruit 83% of those contacted (n = 1031).
The MIDUS and NSDE samples had very similar distributions for age, marital status, and parenting status.
The baseline MIDUS survey included self-administered questionnaires and a one-time telephone interview.
They then linked the information they collected to data from the larger MIDUS study, including the participants' demographic information, their chronic health conditions, their personalities and their social networks.
At the weekend Coyle celebrated his 300th game in charge of the club - fittingly against Linfield who sacked him in June 1990 after they felt he had lost the Midus touch that had brought countless trophies to Windsor Park.