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MIEIMember of the Institute of Engineers of Ireland
MIEIMedication-Induced Esophageal Injury (drug-induced throat damage)
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TOEI = Total Exercise Intensity; STEI = Strenuous Exercise Intensity; MOEI = Moderate Exercise Intensity; MIEI = Mild Exercise Intensity; PA = Positive Affect; NA = Negative Affect; IM = Intrinsic Motivation; IDR = Identified Regulation; INR = Introjected Regulation; ER = External Regulation; AM = Amotivation.
MIEI is a major company in China with a dominant market position in ultrasound systems and various medical x-ray systems.
Under the terms of the agreement, MIEI will furnish all necessary working capital for production of current MIEI medical systems, as well as for certain UMSI systems for delivery within its market area.
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