MIEPMajor Immediate-Early Promoter (infection response cell)
MIEPMobile Internet Enabling Proxy (Ericsson)
MIEPMass Immigration Emergency Plan
MIEPMental Illness Education Project, Inc. (Brookline Village, MA)
MIEPMultidisciplinair Intensief Educatie Programma (Dutch: Multidisciplinary Intensive Education Program; diabetes program; Netherlands)
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Nesse contexto, como realca Muller (2014), temos o que se denomina a versao A do diario (os textos originais antes da revisao de Anne Frank), a versao B (os textos revistos por Anne Frank) e, finalmente, a versao C, que juntou os textos das versoes A e B, mais os textos encontrados por Miep Gies e Bep Voskuijl, no Anexo Secreto, espalhados no chao, apos a detencao dos residentes.
Among Thursday's attendees were Chilean Ambassador to Lebanon Jose Miguel Menchaca; Walid Karam, manager of the Financial and Procurement Management Team of MIEP and ICT adviser to Telecommunications Minister Boutros Harb; and Victor Mulas, an Open Innovation Ecosystems specialist from the World Bank.
Philip's first wife, Pauline, predeceased him and he is survived by their daughter Alison, their son Robin, 3 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren, as well as his wife Miep.
Replacing MIEP without being less radical in its ethnic nationalism, xenophobia, and especially antisemitism, Jobbik has managed to gain wider electoral appeal after its separation from MIEP.
This is Anne's legacy," Miep told him after keeping the diary in her drawer all those years with the hopes of returning it to Anne.
Miep, on the other hand, whose two previous deliveries were problematic due to slow progress and placenta accreta, experienced the same problems a third time, plus major post-partum haemorrhage.
More familiar are the pieces from Miep Gies, Necbama Tec, and Carol Rittner's The Courage to Care.
Prose describes how the diary was found and safeguarded by Miep Gies the woman who worked for Anne's father, Otto Frank.
Para refutarlos, Miep Gies --la mujer que asistio a los integrantes de la familia Frank durante los dos anos que permanecieron escondidos-- dedico la mayor parte de su vida centenaria.
Anne, her father Otto and Miep Gies, who helped hide the Frank family and preserve the young girl's diary, are here portrayed in haunting vignettes by marionettes, expertly handled by Emily DeCola, Liam Hurley and Eric Wright.
As providers of supplies, food and outside information, Rose Gage as Miep, and Mark Bourdeau as Mr.
THE death of Miep Gies last week marks the passing of one of the bravest women in history.