MIEPMajor Immediate-Early Promoter (infection response cell)
MIEPMobile Internet Enabling Proxy (Ericsson)
MIEPMass Immigration Emergency Plan
MIEPMental Illness Education Project, Inc. (Brookline Village, MA)
MIEPMultidisciplinair Intensief Educatie Programma (Dutch: Multidisciplinary Intensive Education Program; diabetes program; Netherlands)
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Among Thursday's attendees were Chilean Ambassador to Lebanon Jose Miguel Menchaca; Walid Karam, manager of the Financial and Procurement Management Team of MIEP and ICT adviser to Telecommunications Minister Boutros Harb; and Victor Mulas, an Open Innovation Ecosystems specialist from the World Bank.
Philip's first wife, Pauline, predeceased him and he is survived by their daughter Alison, their son Robin, 3 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren, as well as his wife Miep.
We must be grateful that she at least survived long enough to bear witness to a scale of human suffering that might otherwise be beyond our understanding - and we should give thanks, too, for the life of Miep Gies who had the courage and the foresight to protect her precious words.
BORN Hermine Santrouschitz, in Vienna, Miep Gies was the last surviving member of the group who helped Anne Frank and her family hide from the Nazis.
Miep Gies, a secretar y for Anne's dad Otto before the war, risked her life for two years to bring food to the Frank family as they hid in a warehouse attic.
Her students idolize her, according to Gruwell, yet she admits to lying to them a few times--letting them believe, for example, that Miep Gies, the woman who hid the Franks in Amsterdam, was coming to Los Angeles just to see them, when in fact, she was going to be there for another engagement.
The Franks' helpers, Mr Kleiman, Mr Kugler, Bep and Miep, are the only people to know of their location and they risk their own lives to help them survive.
Freedom Writers gently tugs the heartstrings, building to a deeply moving denouement when Miep Gies, the Dutchwoman who hid Anne Frank from the Germans, visits the school to relate her incredible story.
But be warned, for the scene where Miep Gies, the woman who sheltered the Frank family, visits the school and talks to the class, you'll need a very big box of tissues indeed.
Dussel, Heidi Fraser as Miep and Larry Maltz as Mr.
Shots of Otto going down the stairs to investigate the source of footsteps, of Peter's cat overturning the candlestick on the landing, and the openmouthed horror of the annex residents at the top of the stairs are followed first by an exterior shot of Miep with her bicycle witnessing the arrest of the friendly greengrocer for helping Jews and then by an interior shot that shows her informing Otto about the incident while they stand framed in long shot at the bottom of the stairs.
Alanna Blair plays Miep, the woman who hides the family.