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MIERSMitigation of Ionospheric Effects on Radio Systems (European Cooperation in Science and Technology action, Brussels, Belgium)
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By nominating Miers, Bush seems to have squandered an opportunity to make a truly conservative shift in the court's makeup--and thereby squandered the freedoms of all Americans who still cling to the Constitution.
With years of experience as a top lawyer in Texas, Miers is known as smart, hard-working, and loyal.
Miers withdrew because the Republican right distrusted her conservative credentials.
Ms Miers met stiff opposition from all sides of the political spectrum and faced mounting criticism about her qualifications.
The White House said Miers had withdrawn because of senators' demands to see internal documents related to her role as counsel to the president.
He also wants to know if Miers made promises about how she would vote on the high court.
Derek Miers is a well-known independent industry analyst and technology strategist, publishing a great many white papers and product assessments.
Officers have informed the family of 21-year-old Jordan Miers who has been missing from Swansea.
To erase any doubts, Bush recently reminded everyone that Miers was tops on his list for the high court because of her evangelical Christian faith, meaning she could be counted on to oppose abortion on religious grounds.
Miers After a blissful year of eating, Miers returned, as student-poor as ever, and signed up for Masterchef as a last resort.
The founder of the anti-abortion Focus on Family organization endorsed Miers after his meeting with Rove, saying "some of the things that I know - that I probably shouldn't know.
Miers continues to emphasize, "There will be no reverse split at this time and we see no need to increase the current share structure.