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MIEVMitsubishi Innovative Electric Vehicle
MIEVMitsubishi In-wheel motor Electric Vehicle
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According to Mitsubishi, the Concept-CT MIEV, which was designed at the Mitsubishi Motors design center in Cypress, CA, will feature a hybrid powertrain that incorporates a gasoline engine with Mitsubishi in-wheel motor electronic vehicle (MIEV) technology, whereby the wheels are driven by four outer-rotor, in-wheel electric motors.
Also on display is the Mitsubishi Concept-CT MIEV, a groundbreaking concept for a hybrid-powered small car, first unveiled at the 2006 North American International Auto Show.
The groundbreaking Mitsubishi Concept-CT MIEV introduces an innovative hybrid powertrain packaged in an entirely new type of vehicle architecture.
MIEV Powertrain Hints at High-Tech Mitsubishi Future
Mitsubishi is actively developing its MIEV technology to address future demands for improved fuel efficiency and reduced emissions, without sacrificing driving performance and fun.
The MIEV system provides both economical cruising capability and high capacity power for short bursts of acceleration when needed.
According to Tohru Hashimoto, Corporate General Manager of the i MiEV Business Promotion Office of Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, "The small, four-passenger Mitsubishi i MiEVs will enter into SCE's nationally-recognized prototype testing and evaluation program.