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MIFMultilateral Investment Fund
MIFManagement Information Format
MIFMaker Interchange Format
MIFMilk Industry Foundation (International Dairy Foods Association)
MIFMigration Inhibition Factor
MIFMultinational Interim Force
MIFMilk in First (British)
MIFManagement Information File
MIFMultinational Interception Force
MIFMaritime Interception Force
MIFMaritime Interdiction Force
MIFMüllerian inhibiting factor
MIFMachines in Field (copier industry)
MIFMemory Initialization File
MIFModule Interconnection Facility
MIFMalaysian Islamic Finance
MIFMaster Index File
MIFMaster Item File
MIFMathematics in Finance (international conference)
MIFMadison Investment Fund
MIFMiners' International Federation (Belgium)
MIFMake It Fit
MIFMembership Information Form
MIFMulti-Lateral Interchange Fee
MIFManeuver Item File
MIFMackinac Island Fudge (Saginaw, MI)
MIFMaster Inventory File
MIFMulticultural Initiatives Fund (Canada)
MIFMen in Field
MIFMSX Interchange Format (graphical file format)
MIFMisreported Information Factor (insurance)
MIFMissile In Flight
MIFModule Integration Facility
MIFMANPER Interface File
MIFManagement Integration Framework
MIFMobile Instrumentation Facility
MIFMarginal Importance Factor
MIFMalfunction Investigation File
MIFManchester International Festival (UK)
MIFMathematical Inventions Firm (India; consulting and promotion)
MIFMicro-Immunofluorescence (chlamydia)
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According to the researchers, the key here is burying a distinct MIF signal in deep sea sediments, which are then subducted and removed from Earth's surface.
At that point, Fonkoze Director Anne Hastings contacted Greg Watson, a MIF specialist who had worked with Fonkoze previously on a project to improve the distribution of remittances.
More information about the MIF joint venture with BBC World Trust Service will be released soon at MIF's website: www.
The MIF model is the generalization of the SIF model with the following general form:
In the MIF assay, samples from 21 patients showed positive antibody titers (both IgG and IgM) to O.
MIF probably prevents cells in the bone marrow from responding to erythropoietin, the hormone that triggers red blood cell production, says coauthor Richard Bucala, an immunologist and rheumatologist at Yale University School of Medicine.
MIF and sTREM-1 calibrators and antibodies were purchased from R&D Systems.
MIF is produced endogenously by a number of different immune cells and appears to block the action of cortisol.
The MIF Committee works with franchisors, franchisees, professional organizations, and financial institutions in partnership with business, governmental and community leaders to increase the awareness of franchising opportunities to minorities and minority communities.
The OFT said it would enforce the Competition Act in the spring if MasterCard could not show its existing MIF agreements complied with the Act or if if did not change its current practice.
The MIF program represents an important addition to AVANIR's development pipeline and provides an additional opportunity to capitalize on the company's drug development expertise.
The anti-MIF antibody targets the MIF protein, a protein that induces inflammatory responses in the body and that has also been shown to influence the growth and spread of tumors.