MIFAPROMi Familia Progresa (Spanish: My Family Is Moving Forward; Guatemalan education and social services program)
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Whereas MIFAPRO focuses on the rural poor, two other CCS programs seek to alleviate urban poverty: Bolsa Solidaria, which distributes free monthly food bags to impoverished shantytown dwellers, and Comedores Solidarios, subsidized canteens that offer a meal and a medical checkup for Q3 (US$0.
MIFAPRO, in particular, has been so popular in rural areas that no opposition party has pledged to scrap it, and it has been praised by international financial institutions such as the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) as a necessary step toward reducing poverty and inequality in Guatemala.
During the weeks preceding the official announcement of the first lady's intention to run for office, the UNE party mobilized hundreds of MIFAPRO beneficiaries across the country in an orchestrated show of support for her campaign.