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MIFCMalaysia International Islamic Financial Centre
MIFCMalaysia International Fireworks Competition
MIFCMinnesota Interagency Fire Center
MIFCMaritime Intelligence Fusion Center
MIFCMumbai International Financial Centre (India)
MIFCMultispectral Imaging Flow Cytometry
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The effect, MIFC says, has been 'an enabling environment' for more Islamic banking framework.
Raja Nazrin, who is also the financial ambassador of MIFC, which is an initiative to position Malaysia as a hub for Islamic finance, and his delegation discussed bilateral issues and investment opportunities in both countries.
The MIFC initiative comprises a community network of the country's financial and market regulators, including Bank Negara Malaysia (Central Bank of Malaysia), Securities Commission Malaysia, Labuan Financial Services Authority and Bursa Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange), Government ministries and agencies together with industry participation from the banking, takaful, capital market institutions, human capital development institutions and professional services companies which are participating and working collaboratively in Islamic finance.
At a recent training program on dairy farm management in Indonesia, Moran and Nugraha (unpublished data) developed a spreadsheet (FEEDPROFIT) to calculate the nutrient requirements to achieve target milk yields then, from a local feed database, the cost of a selected ration and the MIFC achieved.
The road show was held to promote Malaysia's Islamic finance sector and to pave the way for cross-border collaboration between the MIFC and stakeholders in Bahrain.
The announcement was part of the on-going liberalisation measures in the capital market as well as being designed to complement the broader MIFC initiatives of positioning Malaysia as an international Islamic financial centre.
The patrol units would be linked via UHF satellite communications to the MIFC, which in turn could access the vessel's "master file" (probably at the National Maritime Intelligence Center).
A flow of tactical and operational data exists between deployed deepwater elements and MIFCs, each dependent on the other for force-wide situational awareness to determine if events warrant a response.
The MIFC in its recent report points out that Islamic finance in Africa has started to gain traction from 2013 onwards, when several countries began to successfully issue sukuk, followed by establishing a regulatory framework that allowed and supervised the operation of Islamic banks and financial institutions.
According to the MIFC, IAP is a strategic initiative of the Islamic finance industry to operationalise investment account, a new product offering by Islamic banking institutions.
Regional specific content -- Carrying the Malaysia International Islamic Financial Centre (MIFC) initiative's content, developed in collaboration with Bank Negara Malaysia and other MIFC community members; providing insights on Shariah, MIFC business opportunities and key developments; and listing the more than 90 community members for business connections.