MIFEDMouvement International des Femmes Démocrates (French; Ivory Coast)
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Likewise, there are no entries for MIFED and its founder, Michele Guido Franci and, while Brown makes a brief mention of NATPE, Smith totally ignores it.
Essentially, Rome is reclaiming the title as Italy's main venue for international show business, what with the demise of MIFED, the Milan Fair's audiovisual market that was officially closed down in 2005 (but in effect ceased to be viable in 1986 after the retirement of its founder, Michele Guido Franci).
Century Technologies participates in all the important programming conventions, including NATPE, AFM, MIP, MIPCOM, MIFED and MIP-Asia.
Lions Gate Films International, the international theatrical arm of Lions Gate Entertainment (AMEX:LGF) (TSX: LGF), had its most successful MIFED film market ever, selling virtually all international rights to major distributors in key territories for one of its strongest slates ever.
Distributors used MIPCOM and MIFED to talk to German buyers about changes in the territory.
Dove International already owns the rights to such feature films as "Dirty Weekend," directed by Michael Winner; "Inside the Gold Mine," directed by Josh Evans; and "Klash," which is Dove's lead selection for the upcoming MIFED in Milan.
Even though this year's "Fest" only became a reality at the last minute, there has already been talk of next year's edition, with the idea of expanding it with a mini-Fair called "Business Street" in the hopes of recreating what Italy lost with the closing of Milan trade show MIFED.
KLA$H," which made its debut at the Cannes Film Festival, is currently being sold in foreign markets and is Dove's lead selection for the upcoming MIFED in Milan.
Magellan anticipates previewing the completed film of Rennie's Landing to buyers at the London Screenings and MIFED, the international film festival held in Milan, Italy, each October.
So important that, like a hurricane, it is knocking out all the other markets in its path, like MIFED yesterday and the AFM today.
The improvement in revenues this quarter is primarily due to the completion of Face the Music,' one of our co-financed projects with Canal Plus and the recognition of sales completed at the MIFED film market in Milan this past October," said Peter E.
Miracle Entertainment also announced today that a recent alliance with Amco Entertainment Group on the film "Strike Zone," starring Frank Zagarino ("Headshots," "Operation Delta Force," "Armstrong"), Joe Lara ("Deep Fault," "Tarzan the Epic Adventures" (Television), (LIMA) "Breaking the Silence") and Billy Drago ("Mad Dog Time," "Soccer Dog") has brought profitable pre-sales of the property in foreign markets through its exposure at the international film festivals MIPCOM in Cannes, France, the London Screenings and MIFED in Milan, Italy.