MIFICMinisterio de Fomento Industria y Comercio (Nicaraguan Minister of Trade and Industry)
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President Bolanos is in the process of soliciting UNESCO, the UN Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization, to designate the lake as a Patrimony of Humanity site, but at the same time MARENA and MIFIC (Industrial and Trade Ministry) are accepting projects that will dump more contaminants into the water.
The Ventanilla Unica occupies a small space within MIFIC, bringing together representatives from MIFIC, the Supreme Court, the Office of the Mayor of Managua, and the Directorate General of Taxes in one place;
Nicaragua's Foreign Investment Law (2000/344), enforced by MIFIC, (a) established equal treatment of foreign and domestic investment; (b) eliminated the need for foreign investors to sign an investment contract with MIFIC committing to a priori performance requirements; (c) abolished the foreign investment committee, an interagency body that used to screen investments applying for preferential treatment; (d) eliminated restrictions on the way in which foreign capital can enter the country, and (e) recognized the foreign investor's right to own and use property without limitation, and in the case of a declaration of eminent domain, to receive proper indemnification.