MIFSMember of the Institute of Financial Services (UK)
MIFSMoscow International Film School
MIFSMinimum Inter-Frame Space
MIFSMelksham Independent Financial Services (Wiltshire, UK)
MIFSMulticast Inter-Frame Space
MIFSMore Intensive and Flexible Services (est. 1996; Australia)
MIFSMissing If Construct Plus Statements (software fault)
MIFSMission Information Server
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Clinically, MIFS may resemble a benign lesion such as synovitis, ganglion cyst, or tenosynovial giant cell tumor.
Grossly, MIFS is lobulated and varies from gelatinous to fleshy to firm, often being heterogeneous in color and texture (Figure 1).
The MIFS project is now in the process of working on the publication of a book.
7 The interdisciplinary method implemented in Sehwan by the MIFS was the topic of an academic work.
However, MIFS, MIFS-U and mRMR algorithms use incremental search approach which considers weighted average of only pair-wise correlation instead of considering joint correlation among a set of features.
As explained in the methods section, the MIFS algorithm was used first to reduce the search space.
About half of the eliminated features presented very low mutual information with the categories (classes), as measured by the MIFS method, which is based on information theory.
The radiologic features of MIFS vary because of the range of histologic components present, and MIFS can be misinterpreted as a spectrum of pathologic lesions, from inflammatory processes of the tenosynovium, to benign lesions such as giant cell tumor of tendon sheath, ganglion cyst, and proliferative fasciitis, to other sarcomas, particularly myxofibrosarcoma and myxoid liposarcoma.
BAE Systems, Weapon Systems and Munitions, based in the US, will lead on the work to bring the weapons system into service, with subcontractor work being undertaken by: BAE Maritime Services Frimley & Broad Oak to develop, supply and integrate MIFS gunfire control; BAE Munitions Glascoed, which is carrying out the UK ammunition qualification and; BAE Weapons Systems Barrow, which is supporting the UK equipment safety cases.
Joe Senftle, Vice President and General Manager of Weapon Systems at BAE Systems, said: Our teams in the US and UK will bring unrivalled skills and expertise to the MIFS development and production.
The MIFS IGS covers the 5-inch, 62-caliber Mk 45 Mod 4 Naval Gun System, along with an automated ammunition handling system, gun fire control system, and qualified ammunition.
The Mk 45 is at the center of our MIFS solution and will provide the Royal Navy with a low-risk, low-cost, and highly effective automatic weapon system said Joe Senftle, vice president and general manager of Weapon Systems at BAE Systems.