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MIFTManchester International Freight Terminal (UK)
MIFTMalaysian Institute of Food Technology
MIFTMedical Institute for Tamils (Ontario, Canada)
MIFTMangalore Institute of Fashion Technology
MIFTManually Initiated Funds Transfer
MIFTMediation to Implement Feedback in Training
MIFTMalta Industrial Fábrica de Tintas (Portugese)
MIFTMultiple Independent Fluorescence Techniques
MIFTMicroimmunofluorescence Test
MIFTMacomb Intermediate Federation of Teachers (Mt. Clemens, MI)
MIFTMonsters, Inc. Factory Tour
MIFTMassachusetts Instream Flow Task Force
MIFTMeat Industry Focus Team (University of Missouri)
MIFTMilitant Islamic Fundamentalist Terrorist
MIFTMothers in Fellowship Together
MIFTMercantile International Finance and Trade
MIFTMaryland Information Fluency Team (University of Maryland)
MIFTMirror Image Fixation Target
MIFTMean Interval Free Time
MIFTMadras Institute of Fashion Technology (India)
MIFTMission Italo-Française de Tamna (French)
MIFTMen in for Trouble (Santa Clarita, CA website)
MIFTMachine Independent File Format
MIFTManipal Institute of Fashion Technology (India)
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2, we further perform array thinning using MIFT with various sampling points.
In addition, as related above, although MIFT has been successfully used for moderately truncated arrays, it suffers from beam broadening when the array elements are massively truncated.
This operation could be easily realized through adding only a few lines of MATLAB code to MIFT.
Figure 11 shows the synthesis result using modified MIFT for a 200-element asymmetrical array with [f.
Table 3 shows the synthesis results of the same array using the modified MIFT among various Q values, where [beta] = -20 dB.
To further demonstrate the robustness of MIFT, in this section, we compare the array synthesis results by MIFT with those by GA and ACO in the published reports [31,32].
Then MIFT is performed to thin this antenna array in three cases: 1) 20% thinning; 2) 22% thinning; 3) 24% thinning.
Figure 12 shows the optimum far field pattern of the 20% thinned array produced by MIFT among 30 trials, where [PHI] is the azimuth angle of the far field point measured from X-axis.
Table 5 shows the turned off element numbers by MIFT for all cases.
The synthesis results by MIFT show a good agreement between the desired and synthesized specifications for all above cases with high efficiency.
However, because IFT is apt to fall into local solutions, whereas MIFT provides a good way to avoid trapping, thus for a large array, the optimum solution for thinned array synthesis may be obtained by combining the two methods together.