MIFTAHPalestinian Initiative for the Promotion of Global Dialogue and Democracy (Arabic acronym)
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Highlighting the vulnerability of Palestinian laborers to employers exploitation as a result to their illegal status, MIFTAH said that many times illegal Palestinian workers are denied minimum wages and their working days are underwritten, which later affects the employment benefits and insurance they are entitled to.
MIFTAH stated, They also use it to threaten and to try to coerce people to collaborate with them on security matters.
The project, supported by PalVision, Ansar Center for Children, MIFTAH and the Women's Study Center, targets communities also in Al-Auja, Zbeidat, Fasayel and Jiftlik in the Jordan Valley.
MIFTAH calls on Israel to abide by international charters and agreements protecting the rights of the child, which demand that the occupying power safeguard the rights of children living under its rule.