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MiGMikoyan & Gurevich (Russian aircraft designers)
MIGMetal Inert Gas (welding)
MIGMy Image Gallery (photo album/management software)
MIGMinimum Income Guarantee (UK pensions)
MIGMunicipal Infrastructure Grant (South Africa)
MIGMach Interface Generator
MIGMemory Interface Generator
MIGMoore Iacofano Goltsman Inc.
MIGMiddle-Income Group (India)
MIGMoving Image Gateway
MIGMonokine Induced by Interferon-gamma (cytokine that leads to cell death by necrosis)
MIGMobile Internet Gateway
MIGManaged Intensive Grazing
MIGMessage Implementation Guide (EDI/EC messages)
MIGMember Interest Group (various organizations)
MIGMoments in Grace (band)
MIGMedicaid Inspector General
MIGMarauder Intruder Group (Motorcycle Club)
MIGMitochondria Interest Group
MIGMain Industrial Groupings
MIGMachine Intelligence Group
MIGManagement Information Gateway
MIGMCE Interface Group
MIGMind in Gutter
MIGMIDB & IPA for GCCS (Modernized Integrated Data Base & Image Product Archive for Global Command and Control System)
MIGModel Interface Guide
MIGMen in Gold
MIGMultiple Image Geopositioning
MIGMolybdenum Inert Gas (welding)
MIGMonitoring Ion Gauge
MIGMobile Tv Implementation Guidelines (DVB-H)
MIGMarfin Investment Group (est. 1998)
MIGMade in Germany (gaming clan)
MIGMowry International Group, LLC (Bethesda, MD law firm)
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The powerful RW-II is able to MIG weld metal up to 3/4" thick using 18-36 VDC, which makes the Ready Welder II the perfect tool for professional quality mobile field repairs.
The action is being launched after the lapsing of a six-month window to seek an amicable settlement with Cyprus, MIG said.
The new MIG Capital Asia office is located in the Citibank Tower in the Central District, which serves as the heart of Hong Kong's trade and financial activities.
Share your ideas with other WNA members on the MIG Startup Page
In addition, MIG Capital offers greater levels of security for its clients as it is regulated by the FSA, but also, is subject to an additional layer of internal audit and consolidated supervision by its parent bank to meet the requirements of the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA).
On orders of Russia's Prime Minister Vladimir Putin himself MiG's debts at major Russian banks such as Alpha Bank and Sberbank have been restructured, and soon after MiG received an order worth 600 million euros from the Russian defence ministry.
MIG claims it thought the shares would convert as common stock.
Miller Electric Manufacturing Company's Invision 350 MPa MIG/pulsed MIG inverter features built-in pulsed MIG programs with excellent out-of-the-box performance for immediate productivity, especially in high-volume applications.
The Invision 350 MPa MIG/Pulsed MIG inverter features built-in pulsed MIG programs and is designed to solve distortion, burn through, and spatter issues associated with welding light-gauge material.
Lincoln Electric says the handbook focuses on today's dominant welding process, gas metal arc welding (GMAW) or as it is often referred to, MIG welding.
At the very noisy end of the spectrum is the MiG-29OVT, this is a thrust vectoring technology demonstration prototype for a possible later MiG fighter product such as the MiG-35.
On 27 April 1972, two Navy F-4 Phantoms from Fighter Squadron (VF) 51 based on board Coral Sea (CVA 43) were intercepting a MiG deep in North Vietnamese territory near the town of Bai Thuong.