MIGCMadeline Island Golf Club (La Pointe, WI)
MIGCMonkey Island Gaming Clan
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The Predecessor is comprised of Anadarko Gathering Company LLC, Pinnacle Gas Treating LLC, and MIGC, LLC, each of which was contributed to Western Gas Partners on May 14, 2008 in connection with the closing of its initial public offering of common units representing limited partner interests.
Under terms of the contract, MIGC will supply bulk and specialty ultra-high purity gases to the company.
BPEI gathering systems and compression facilities will connect Pennaco gas wells to several major pipelines carrying coal bed methane gas from the Powder River Basin, including the Western Gas Resources MIGC Pipeline, currently transporting up to 130 million cubic feet per day of coal bed methane gas, the recently announced Fort Union Gas Pipeline projected to be in service by September of this year, and the proposed Thunder Creek Pipeline.