MIGDMillion Imperial Gallons per Day
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8 per cent, from 271 MIGD in 2009 to 296 MIGD in 2013.
The new plant will have the capacity of 70-90 MIGD.
The Salalah plant, with a gross power capacity of 490 megawatts and a seawaterdesalination capacity of 15 MIGD, is expected to begin full commercial operations in the first half of 2012.
26bn (US$895mn) and has 1,025 MW of power generation capacity and 60 MIGD of water.
5 MIGD (56,825 cubic metres per day), which is the second phase of expansion.
Fujairah Asia Power Company is the owner of the 2000 MW and 130 MIGD power and desalination facility in Qidfa, Emirate of Fujairah, approximately 280 km east of the city of Abu Dhabi.
A further 32 MIGD were taken from groundwater wells over the course of the year.
This project includes the construction of 1,510 MW power and 100 MIGD seawater desalination plant.
DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, June 10, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Aquatech and the UAE's Federal Electricity and Water Authority (FEWA) have signed a contract for Aquatech to provide a 15 MIGD seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) based desalination facility.
5 MIGD per unit and 4 boilers with a total output of the plant of 140 MIGD, and the project is scheduled for completion by 1st June 2010.
AES Oasis is a newly created company which owns a 90% interest in each of AES Lalpir and AES Pakgen, two oil-fired plants totaling 695 MW in Pakistan; and an 85% interest in AES Barka, a 427 MW & 20 MIGD power generation and water desalination plant in the Sultanate of Oman.
Water demand in Qatar is forecast to increase by more than 50% by 2022, rising to 482m imperial gallons per day (MIGD), up from the present level of 308 MIGD, according to Qatar's General Electricity and Water Corporation (Kahramaa).