MIGFMalaysia International Gourmet Festival
MIGFMaximal Isometric Grip Force (muscle function)
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Our primary goal is to optimise benefits for our investors; we believe one way to do that is by giving them the choice to reinvest their dividend into the fund and increase their share in MIGF," said Khokhar.
The outcomes of the DASH, VAS, SWMT, MPUT, and MIGF tests were tabulated in Excel (Microsoft Office Excel, version 2007, Microsoft; Redmond, Washington) and stored for statistical analysis.
The Student t-test was performed to compare the outcomes of the clinical tests (MPUT-EO, MPUT-EC, MIGF, DASH, VAS, and SWMT) and the lifting task variables (FMLO, GFP, latency, and PVEL) between the experimental and control groups.
Spearman correlations were used to investigate the relationship among the clinical tests MPUT, MIGF, DASH, and VAS and between the clinical tests (DASH and VAS) and the grip force control variables (FMLO, GFP, and latency).
The MIGF was significantly lower in individuals with hand OA than the control group.
Spearman correlation coefficients between the outcomes of the MPUT, MIGF, DASH, and VAS tests for the individuals with hand OA are presented in Table 3.
No correlation between MIGF and grip force control parameters and other functional and clinical test outcomes was observed in the current study.
A need for a relatively small force to manipulate the instrumented cup or pick up small and light objects (MPUT) could be another reason for the lack of correlations between the MIGF and the other variables.